Why Cheap Local SEO Packages Don’t Work

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As a small business owner, you know what a difference it can make to have a website that ranks high on the major search engines. Unfortunately, creating an attractive, well-designed, informative website isn’t enough to get you there. Search engine optimisation has long been the preferred way to boost a site’s ranking, but hiring an SEO company based on price alone is a bad idea. It’s also perilous to assume that one SEO firm can get you the same results as the next. In reality, you get what you pay for when it comes to local SEO packages, so the cookie-cutter approach should be avoided at all cost.

Why Packages Fail

When you’re initially presented with a neat, simple list of SEO packages, you may feel something akin to relief. After all, you just have to select the one that offers the features you need at the price you want. No further thinking is necessary. However, this option is fraught with peril. SEO packages are mostly designed to line the pockets of unscrupulous SEO firms. While it’s technically possible that some of these packages work for some small businesses, such results only occur due to pure chance. If you are serious about achieving and maintaining an excellent ranking on the search engines, you need to invest in bespoke SEO services.


Outdated Techniques will Cost You Dearly

Anyone who stays current with effective SEO techniques and strategies only needs to glance at the kinds of things that are included in the typical SEO package to realise that they are little more than smoke and mirrors. Lazy SEO firms continue to rely on techniques that have long since lost their lustre. At the very least, things like submitting your site to random directories will produce no appreciable benefits. At the worst, this kind of thing can result in serious penalties from major search engines like Google, and your ranking can plummet.


Save Money Now – Pay Later

It may be reassuring to be presented with a flat rate for seemingly extensive amounts of SEO work, but you need to give the matter a little more thought. Why would anyone be willing to do all of that work for such little pay? If an SEO firm can actually produce results through its efforts, it should be able to charge a premium for them. Cheap local SEO packages are little more than placebos. They make you feel like you’re doing something good for the future of your site, but they can backfire dramatically and cause serious problems down the road.


Cookie-Cutter SEO doesn’t Work

Each and every site on the Internet is different. With that in mind, how is it possible for one SEO package to work just as well for your site as it will for a different site? The answer is that it can’t and won’t work as well. Any SEO company that promises the moon and stars without auditing and assessing your site first is going to miss the mark. The price may be right, but the results are non-existent.


Customised SEO Services Get Results

If you want a real return on your SEO investment, you have to be willing to pay for it. By increasing your SEO budget and hiring a firm that has proven its mettle time and time again, you will get the personalised level of service that you need. Look for local SEO services that include things like social media marketing, content creation and local citations. Don’t look at a higher price tag as a bad thing. Look at it as an investment in the long-term success of your website. In the end, it will be more than worth it.


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