Local SEO Analysis

Local SEO ReportOur in-depth local SEO analysis will provide a full review of your local online presence and pinpoint areas that need to be worked on. We’ll provide you with a local SEO report and will schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to go through the results, answering any questions you may have. Armed with this fresh information you’ll be in a better position to take steps towards improving your local online visibility and gaining new customers.


Local SEO Report and Phone Consultation for Your Business


We focus on 5 key areas that are the cornerstone for your local success – keywords, your website, local citations, your Google+ Local listing and finally your local search rankings.


1. Keyword Research
We’ll take a look to see what are the most popular terms and keywords that people are using to search for your products and services on Google, at the same time as highlighting some of the useful tools you can use to carry out your own keyword research.


2. Your Website
The most important piece of online property that you own, we’ll analyse your website and show you the basic elements that will help with your local SEO success. We’ll also point out anything that’s missing so that your site isn’t just attracting traffic but converting that traffic into paying customers.


3. Local Citations
Citations are mentions of your business on the web and they are important for local SEO as they help Google verify your business details. Our review of your existing local citations will highlight how many citations you currently have, how many your competitors have and how many potential citation sources are available for you.


4. Google + Local Listing
What used to be called Google Places became Google+ Local at the end of May 2012. It’s your Google+ Local listing that most often gets served up in Google’s local search results, so making sure that your listing is claimed, verified and properly optimised is crucial.


5. Local Search Rankings
Final part of your local SEO assessment  is to run a report showing how you rank on Google for some of the keywords that people may use to find you. This sets the benchmark for you and will give an indication of how much work will need to be done.


How long will my Local SEO Report take to produce?

We currently aim to get reports done and sent back to you in 5 days or less. The report itself will be in PDF format and will be around 10-12 pages. Once it’s complete we’ll be in touch to arrange the phone consultation to discuss the results. If for some reason we anticipate taking longer than 5 days then we’ll let you know when you order your report.


What will the Local SEO Analysis and consultation show me?

You’ll get tips on the best tools for researching keywords, along with a few choice keywords to get you started. We’ll also be giving you several suggestions on improving the optimisation of your Google+ Local listing and, of course, your website, along with letting you know what work needs to be done in building more local citations. Local SEO can be quite complex, but the report will help you through the basic elements. The aim is to shine a light on the areas that require improvement and provide you with information so that you are better able to choose whether to do it yourself or hire a local SEO professional.


How can I get a Local SEO Analysis for my business?

Simple. Just order your report by filling in the simple form below and we’ll get started for you.