Local SEO

local SEOWhen we’re searching for local products and services we want quick answers and we don’t really want to travel too far. The vast majority of us make most of our purchases within a five mile radius of home and when we’re browsing online there aren’t too many people who go beyond Page 1 on Google. If your business is looking to improve its local search results and attract more local customers then you need to get smart about your local SEO.

Local SEO is all about getting your business found online by people who are searching locally for your products and services.  It targets local keywords that people are searching for and gives the right signals to the search engines about where your business is located and what products and services you offer. Designing a local SEO services strategy that works will benefit your business and, depending on how competitive your location and niche are, you could see an improvement in your local search rankings within weeks rather than months.

What’s Your Local Score?

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Initial Local SEO Audit and Keyword Research

We run a full local SEO analysis, which covers not just your website but your entire local online presence. This includes all local directory listings, your Google+ Local listing and your social media profiles. We then carry out extensive research to discover what keywords and phrases people are typing into Google when looking for the products and services you offer. This information allows us to move on to the next stage which is optimising your website for local search.

Local Optimisation of your Website

We first look to fix any technical issues on your website that have been uncovered by the SEO audit. Building a solid foundation means that you will get maximum benefit from all the work that comes later, so it’s important that your site loads quickly and operates smoothly. We then make sure that your website is giving out all the right signals to the search engines by optimising the content based on the target keywords. We also add some specific location based code to the site to help the search engines identify where your business is located.

Local Citation and Link Building

With everything correctly setup it’s now time to start getting links and citations for your business and website. Local citations give signals to the search engines about your business name and contact details. Local links act as a vote about your site’s relevance and quality. The more quality links and citations that you have, the higher you will rank in the local search results. We research, analyse, build and monitor this process for you, providing monthly reports so you can view the progress.

Local SEO Services

Through social media and pay per click advertising you can continue to further develop your local online presence. Add this all together and it means more traffic for your website, more customers for your business and more revenue for you.

If your business needs more local customers then contact us today to find out how our smart local SEO services can help your business.