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Local marketing news for 15th January 2016


Big news late last week and into this week was all about an update to Google’s algorithm that had SEO’s searching for answers. You can read more about that here. In this week’s roundup we’re taking a look at other things.

What are we searching for and how we are searching continues to evolve, so we’ve got three informative articles focused on consumer paths to purchase. Also included this week are pieces on social media monitoring tools with location features, a new player emerging in the local listings management market and news about Periscope. Enjoy!


Local consumer search trends
According to Google they see more than 100 billion searches each month, which means there are an awful lot of folks looking for answers. In another interesting report it’s suggested that only 36% of consumers actually start their local searches with a search engine. That means it’s clearly not enough to simply rely on Google for your business – but you already knew that, right? The local path to purchase is less of a straight line and more of a zigzag or pretzel. Here’s an overview from Google along with a couple of interesting articles that delve a little more into the search journey of a local consumer.
Read more:
 What We Searched for in 2015, and What That Means for Marketers via Think with Google
Only 36% Begin Local Searches with a Search Engine by Greg Sterling
There Isn’t One Kind Of Local Search; There Are Eight by David Kaplan

Tools for monitoring local social media
Social media done the right way for a local business can have a hugely positive impact. Getting involved in local conversations and providing useful information to your community all helps build your brand and authority. Finding a way to monitor what’s happening in a particular location can be tricky though. We like to use advanced search and Twitter Lists but there are tools out there that can help to make the process even simpler. Most of the ones mentioned in the article below are paid for but if your budget allows then they’re worth checking out.
Read more:
 6 Location-based Social Media Monitoring Tools via Social Media Examiner

Vistaprint moves into local listings management
As the number of “near me” searches has increased over the past couple of years, the importance of accurate and consistent local listings has become vital. For SEO professionals there are several ways to go about managing these for clients from 100% manual efforts to using sites such as BrightLocal and Whitespark. There are also a growing number of companies offering local listings management direct to business owners. These are a pretty diverse bunch including folks like Yext, Moz, GoDaddy and (here in the UK) Scoot. With Vistaprint now entering the market it seems like anyone looking to provide broader marketing services to SME’s needs local listings management as a core service.
Read more:

 Vistaprint Launches Local Listings, Providing a Broader Service for SMBs via StreetFight
Vistaprint Takes Aim at Local Markets via CMSWire

Periscope now streaming live on Twitter
Have to admit to not using Periscope anywhere near as much as a few months back. Maybe it’s just been an out of sight out of mind thing but that could change shortly. Twitter owned Periscope has announced that broadcasts will now show live in your followers Twitter feed. No need to switch apps. It could lead to a larger number of people viewing your content. Rolling out for just iOS initially but should follow for Android users shortly. Some folks have predicted 2016 as a big year for live streaming, so this announcement will help.
Read more:
 Now LIVE: Periscope on Twitter for iOS via Periscope
Periscope Now Added Directly to Twitter Feed via Small Business Trends

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