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Local search marketing news 22nd January 2016


Not sure if it’s just me but it seems like the volume of articles and posts related to local search has increased considerably over the past couple of years. According to Google Trends the volume of “local SEO” searches has also climbed gradually. All good news for the roundup, which is focusing on some local SEO basics this week.

For any local bricks and mortar business getting on the map is a key priority, but there’s much more to it than just that. This week we’ve got a number of articles looking at some of the core components of local search marketing. There’s also something we touched on briefly last week, namely the consumer’s local search journey. Hope you find it all interesting and useful. Enjoy!


Getting your business on the map
To have any kind of success with local search you need to put your business on the map, both literally and figuratively. That generally starts with Google My Business and various local listings but there are a number of additional things businesses need to be doing as well. Below is a link to a great slidedeck covering how to rank on Google Maps with a particular focus on off-site factors.
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 Local Search – Getting on Google’s Map by Aaron Weiche

The consumer’s local search journey
As consumers we all have our own individual ways of searching for stuff on the web. What’s becoming clear is that we all use multiple touchpoints before making a decision, whether itss via social media or a local deals site. The study linked to below shows the number of places we go to look for local products and services. For business owners, that should highlight the need for making sure you have both a presence and accurate data right across the web in all the spots where consumers are looking. That includes Foursquare, who are a primary supplier of data to app developers and the likes of Pinterest.
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 Under 40 Percent Start A “Local Search” With A Search Engine by Greg Sterling
☞ Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers on
☞ Foursquare’s Plan to Use your Data to Make Money via Wired

Boost your Local SEO in 2016 with reviews
Reviews have always been important for local businesses but with the advent of Google’s Snack Pack they’re now even more so. Beyond the suspected potential to improve rankings, they are vital if you want to have people clicking through to your listing and actually take some action. As mentioned in both articles below, reviews build trust and in this day of mobile search and “micro-moments” a stack of positive reviews can make all the difference between winning and losing.
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 How Reviews Are Changing the Local Landscape by Taylor Bridges
☞ Top Techniques That Will Beef Up Your Local SEO in 2016 by John Boitnott

Local SEO Tips and Checklist
There is no shortage of tips and tricks on the web when it comes to local SEO, or any type of SEO for that matter. Whether it’s information about citations, Schema, links or local landing pages it’s out there. Below are a few links to articles I found this past week that are all helpful, especially the one on
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☞ Local SEO tips, tricks, or cheat codes on
 Quick-Start Checklist: Local SEO by Travis Bliffen
☞ 10 Steps to Get Your Local Business Ranked at the Top of Google by Jayson Demers

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