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Roundup of local marketing news for 29th January 2016

Last roundup of the month and 2016 shows no signs of slowing down. No major updates affecting local search this week but still plenty to talk about. Facebook and local continues to be something of an enigma and I’m not sure if they’re serious or just testing things out.

This week’s roundup also covers some welcome news about Yahoo Local along with a great local SEO troubleshooting post and the best free content research tool currently out there. If there’s something better please do let us know. Enjoy!


Facebook professional services for local business
Facebook has been dabbling around in local search for a while. Nearby Places has been available on mobile for sometime and then in December they launched Professional Services. Couple of articles below about this, along with a link to Facebook itself. Personally I think local search on Facebook is just awful. The “Services” page doesn’t appear anywhere in the main navigation and results are nowhere near as accurate or comprehensive as elsewhere on the web. As a recommendation engine and a place to build reputation through reviews it’s something that any local business owner can’t ignore. As a local search engine … meh!
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 Facebook Gaining Local Search Momentum vis LSAInsider
☞ Facebook Professional Services: How Your Local Business Can Rank by Kristi Hines
☞ Facebook Professional Services on Facebook

How to fix your Yahoo Local listing data
Good news if your local business is located in the US as there now appears to be a way of fixing your Yahoo Local listing without having to pay through Yext. Welcome news, even if Yahoo itself isn’t particularly committed to local these days (or much of anything it would seem!) Full details of the method in the linked article below. Here in the UK we still have to run the gauntlet of going through Infoserve, which invariably leads to follow up phone calls to sell a plethora of additional services. Just say no!
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☞ Now You Can Fix Your Yahoo Local Listing without Paying for Yext by Phil Rozek

Troubleshooting local SEO issues
There are always things in local SEO that confuse and flummox the experts as well as business owners. Some agencies and professional put it down to “that’s just Google”. Others enjoy the challenge of inestigating, researching and general sleuthing that’s required in order to figure out a solution. If you have a business or client who ranks well organically but doesn’t show up in the 3-pack Snack Pack then the article below is for you. Well worth a read and bookmarking for future reference.
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 When You Rank High Organically But Not Locally by Joy Hawkins

Awesome new content research tool
Researching content ideas for local businesses can sometime get a little dry. I’m a big fan of using any tool that tap into auto-suggest and related searches, so basically jumped out of my seat when I saw this post from Linda Buquet over on GPlus. Using information from both Google and Bing it has provided me with some great content ideas for a couple of clients this week. I reckon it’s also saved quite a bit of time compared to my oledr methods. Use it, bookmark it, enjoy it.
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☞ Answer The Public

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