Trusted Verifier, Amazon Home Services, local links and a quiz

Local marketing news for 5th February 2016


Welcome to February. Plenty to look forward to this month with pancakes on the 9th, Valentine’s Day on the 14th (don’t forget) and, most importantly, the Calcutta Cup tomorrow! I’m guessing there’ll also be lots going on in the land of local marketing too.

In this weeks Roundup we’re taking a quick look at a new program that appeared on Google for a few hours yesterday designed to help partners verify local businesses via an Android app. We’re also taking a good look at Amazon’s Home Services, some great tips on building local links and finally a quiz to test your knowledge of local SEO. I’m sure you’re all hit guru status … enjoy!


Google Trusted Verifier program … here and gone
Google has been on a drive to get business owners to verify their local listings for a number of years now. How successful they’ve been is open to debate and opinions vary. Their “Get Your Business Online” program in the US aimed to use partners such as Chambers of Commerce to further highlight Google My Business and other handly tools for local business owners. Another tool surfaced very briefly this week as links emerged to their Trusted Verifier Program. Details are a little sketchy but it looks to be targeted at GYBO partners along with, possibly, Adwords and Trusted Photographers. The bulk of the material that appeared online has now disappeared but the articles below cover it all pretty well.
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 Google Trusted Verifier Program For In Person Business Verification on Search Engine Roundtable
☞ Google Trusted Verifier Program: It was there and now it’s not by Mike Blumenthal
☞ Welcome to Trusted Verifier in GMB Help

Insights into Amazon Home Services
Amazon launched Home Services in the US almost a year ago. It remains a US only platform at the moment, offering services from auto mechanics to window washers. It appears to have set pretty high standards for service providers to sign up, including personel background checks. As we haven’t seen it here in the UK at all, our information is limited. Even in the US it is still a relative unknown. So the article below is very welcome for the insight it gives into the process of getting approved by Amazon along with how it works once you’re in.
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☞ Amazon Home Services for Local Businesses: the Ins and Outs by Corey Barnett

Top tips on local linkbuilding
It’s fair to say that there are quite a few articles available across the web on the subject of linkbuilding. What there are fewer of are those that specifically deal with “local” link building. Building links for local still takes research, outreach, good content and the ability to build relationships. It also puts less focus on the Domain Authority of a site and more on the pure “Local” authority of it. The article below gives 10 great tips for building local links in 2016.
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 10 Local Link Building Tips for 2016 by Greg Gifford

Test your local SEO knowledge
How well do you know local SEO? Last year the good folks at Moz put together a local SEO quiz and this year they’re updated it. Just click on the link below to access it and see how you get on. Feel free to post your score in the comments below here! This year’s test does seem to be a little more US-centric and there are some tricky questions related to industry news rather than technical issues. But if you’re a regular reader of the Roundup then you should be fine. Good luck!
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☞ Welcome to the Local Search Expert Quiz via Moz

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See you all back here next week!

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