Twitter timeline, Instagram logins, voice search and local SEO tips

Local marketing news for 12th February 2016

After what seemed like a relatively slow start to the year in January things appear to be accelerating. There hasn’t been any earth-shattering news in the local marketing world so far, but we’re only midway through February, so there’s plenty of time yet.

Couple of big social media stories out this week as Twitter keeps tinkering with your Timeline and Instagram finally gives users what they want with multiple account logins. In addition to that we’ve also got a couple of great articles looking at voice search and its effect on SEO, along with an interesting piece on local SEO trends and tips. Enjoy!


Twitter launches new timeline, users unimpressed
Twitter’s struggles have been pretty well documented. Reports that user growth has flat-lined continues to make the news and their stock suffers, hitting an all time low yesterday. They keep changing/refining the platform and this week launched a new “Never Miss” feature for user Timelines. Some folks may like it but as I hardly ever look at my main Timeline it’s not really a feature I see any value in. I’m a big user of Twitter lists and recommend using them to all our local business clients. For me they help to keep Twitter tidy … and focused! Along with a few links below on the new feature there’s also an excellent write up on Twitter’s troubles in general and how others can learn. They maybe struggling a bit right now but I still love it!
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Instagram finally allows multiple logins
Something that’s been missing from Instagram has finally been sorted this week. It’s now possible to login to multiple accounts from the Instagram app on both Android and iOS. For business owners who previously only had a personal account or had to suffer through the logout/login process this makes everything so much simpler. As the fastest growing social platform, and Facebook owned, it’s a wonder this feature actually took so long to roll out. Like the author of one of the articles linked to below, I think this could lead to a decent jump in new profiles. We even have one for Smart Local now!
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☞ Instagram App Now Allows Multiple Accounts. Here’s How To Do It via Forbes
☞ How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Accounts via Instagram

Voice search continues to change the SEO landscape
According to recent research up to 60% of smartphone users are now using voice search. Whether it’s “OK Google”, “Hey Siri” or “Hello Cortana” we’re all relying less on our keyboards and more on virtual assistants to provide us with answers. Naturally this is going to have an effect on SEO as consumers search differently by voice rather than text. The two articles below cover quite a bit. When it comes specifically to local search I believe that correct Schema along with consistent and accurate citations is the bare minimum you need. Will be interesting to see how voice search continues to increase.
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 How to capitalize on Voice Search and the death of the keyboard via Search Engine Watch
☞ How Voice Search will Shape SEO in 2016 via SEMRush

Key trends and tips for local SEO in 2016
With all the articles that have come out so far this year talking about local SEO there are definitely some trends that all agree on. Google+ is dead for local and everything now runs through Google My Business. If your business doesn’t have a mobile friendly website you’re going to suffer. Inconsistent data could not only kill your rankings but also minimise your conversions. Voice search (as above) is on the rise. The article linked to below does a great job in not only looking at these local search trends but also explaining what local business owners should be doing. It’s a great read, wish I’d written it!
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☞ SEO for Local Businesses in 2016: Key Trends and Tips via Jeff Bullas

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