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Don’t Forget About the “Marketing” in Content Marketing

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

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If you’ve embraced the idea that content is king – and you should, if you want to come out a winner in the online marketing game – you’ve probably amassed a considerable amount of it. Stockpiling high-quality content isn’t enough, though. For it to do you any good, it needs to be seen. That’s where the “marketing” component of “content marketing” comes into play.

Like many business owners, you may not have the slightest idea about how to get your content in front of the right audience. A few tricks include:


  • Engage Your Audience – Wrap up your content by posing a question to your audience. Don’t just ask what they think about the topic at hand. Instead, come up with a thought-provoking or even slightly controversial question that people will feel more compelled to answer. This will generate buzz for your content, which will help it get more exposure.
  • Share Your Content on Social Media – This isn’t to say that you should post links to your content at random. It’s far more effective to search for conversations that involve the topic at hand in some way. Sharing your content with the people who are having such conversations will increase the odds of it being useful and interesting, which will make it more effective in the long run.
  • Comment on Forums – You’re probably already familiar with forums that revolve around your products, services or industry. Visit them regularly and share links to relevant content when appropriate. You’ll be amazed at how well-received your comments will be when they actually enhance the conversation at hand.
  • Promote Your Content in Real Life – Who says the online and offline worlds need to be kept separate? Many of the folks who come into your bricks-and-mortar store may be completely unaware that you create and share interesting, informative content online. Why not tell them about it? You can do so by just mentioning it during in-store interactions, or you could even create small flyers and hand them out to customers. By raising awareness about your online presence in this way, you will be able to expose your content to a much wider audience.
  • Ask People what They’d Like to Read – People love sharing their opinions. By asking current and prospective customers what they’d like to read about, you bring them in on the act and show them that you value their opinion. This approach has the added bonus of providing you with new topics that you might not have otherwise considered.
  • Find Out What’s Working for Others – It pays to keep an eye on the competition, and doing so can reveal techniques that allow you to more effectively market your content. Pinpoint your competitors’ most popular blog posts and articles. What kinds of characteristics do they have? How are they being shared? What steps are being taken to market them? The answers to these and other questions can help you find new, effective ways to market your own content.

The main takeaway here is that while it’s important to create fresh, exciting, informative, unique content, it’s just as crucial to make sure it’s seen by the right people. To that end, dedicate plenty of time and effort to marketing it. Your efforts will pay off well in the long run.

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How to Find Content Marketing Ideas that Connect with Your Audience

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

A few years ago, the typical business blog was created with one major goal in mind: to boost a site’s ranking on the major search engines. As a result, keyword density was the top priority, and little thought was given to the content itself. That’s all changed. Keywords still matter, but the most important thing is connecting with your target audience and giving them content that they actually want.

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A great way to achieve this is by considering what your target audience is actually searching for online, but brainstorming alone will only get you so far. By implementing a few simple strategies and thinking about your content marketing ideas, you can create interesting content that’s actually useful to existing and prospective customers alike.


Consider Your Customers’ Questions

Odds are that you are asked the same handful of questions again and again. Some questions may pertain to your products and services while others may be a little more general. You may already have a FAQ on your site that addresses these questions, and that’s smart. However, you can also create a lot of terrific content based on commonly asked questions as well. A blog post allows you to go into greater detail about a particular question too, so it will be all the more useful.


Ask Your Customers

Every time a person does business with your company, you gain a valuable opportunity to learn more about his or her needs and wants. If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, strike up conversations with people when they are paying for their goods. Ask them what kinds of topics they’d like to see addressed on your blog. Find out what kinds of products or services they’d like to see offered by your company. By asking these and other questions, you can come up with a variety of interesting and quality content marketing ideas for your blog.


Do Online Research

There’s a plethora of incredible tools out there that can help you learn more about what people want to know. Ubersuggest, Google Trends and Keyword Planner are just a few examples. These tools may not always give you extremely specific ideas, but they can point you in the right direction. When they’re used in conjunction with other strategies, they can provide you with enough ideas to keep your blog plugging along for a long time to come.


Use Website Statistics and Data

You probably already use Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and similar tools. They can come quite in handy when brainstorming new content marketing ideas too. For instance, take a look at the history of your blog. Which posts have generated the most buzz? Which ones have fallen flat? This can give you a really good idea about what your target audience wants. This isn’t to say that you should just regurgitate the same content over and over. It just means that the tone and theme of the most successful posts seem to work, so you should keep those things in mind when coming up with new ideas for content.


Stay on Top of News and Events

It pays to keep things local whenever possible, and that’s certainly true when it comes to blogging for your business. When interesting news items regarding your industry pop up, go ahead and write blog posts about them. Whenever relevant local events are on the horizon, create posts about them too. People love reading about things that relate to where they live, and those who are interested in your products and services will appreciate being kept up to speed regarding topics concerning your industry.


Without putting thought and consideration into the topics you cover on your blog, your results are going to be lackluster at best. By putting a priority on generating high quality content, you will dramatically enhance the impact of your blog.

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