How To Use New Twitter For Smart Businesses

A couple of months ago Twitter gradually rolled out a new interface to its users in an attempt to make it more intuitive and increase user engagement. This article will look at the changes Twitter have made and how your business can benefit from it.

  • New Twitter Cover Photo

new twitter cover photo

What’s New

Twitter have dramatically enlarged the cover photos so they now take up the entire width of the screen and not just a few inches. This may not strike you as a core change, but increasing the cover photo for profiles, means you instantly have more visual engagement.

How To Use It

One of the key factors of any marketing campaign is visibility, and in this case it is quite literal. This now means you have a fantastic way of getting your logo and name out there. Be sure to have a quality and professional badge or image you can upload and always ensure it’s 100% relevant to your brand. If it’s not, people wont understand the reason it’s there and will not take you as seriously. This will be the first thing people see, be sure to harness the power of visual marketing by uploading your brand image.

  • Tab Options

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.50.26

What’s New

New Twitter now has tab options for features such as Tweets, photos and videos, favourite tweets, who you are following, who follows you and lists. Before, you were left to navigate a profile with some of these features more difficult to find. For example, the option to see photos was not established as it is now, rather all images and videos clumped together in box to the side.

How To Use It

It is now easier than ever to locate the features you want on Twitter profiles. It saves you time, it’s uncluttered and intuitive. Not only does it allow you to streamline your social media use, but also means anyone looking at your profile will find exactly what they need. Be sure to only tweet relevant content, as this will be seen instantly and impact on impressions. The same applies when uploading images and photos, make them relevant, though remember an odd image of your team having lunch or at events can help break the fourth wall.

With lists, make sure that you only create ones that you want people to see. They are a great way of networking and increasing your feed, but only when used correctly. If people see you creating lists that are irrelevant, they may question your integrity.

You can now easily see which tweets you have favourited. Be sure to favourite only good content that you are happy for others to see you support or enjoy. This is a great way of promoting content, if you thought it good enough to favourite, others will pay attention which is why it’s important to select good content to share here.

  • Pin Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.06.48

What’s New

New Twitter now allows each user to “pin” tweets to the top of their profile so they are highlighted and emphasised.

How To Use It

This is a fantastic way of getting content seen on your profile. By “pinning” the most important tweets to the top of your page they remain dominant and thus receive increased views. Be sure to pin tweets with links you want your users to see. Maybe it’s news about your business,  investment, a webinar you’re hosting, a sale. Anything that your customers need to know about should be pinned to ensure it gets maximum coverage.

NB: you can pin tweets once they are live by clicking on the “…” option at the bottom of the tweet and then “Pin Tweet”.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.14.26 


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